Types of Power Cables

There are many different types of power cables used with TVs and Computers, in this brief guide we show some of the more common power leads.

C13 Power Cables (Kettle Leads)

c13--power-cablesSometimes referred to as a kettle power lead the C13 connector has 3 pins, often found on PCs and TVs.

C15 Power Cables (Hot Condition)

c15--power-cablesThe C15 is very similar to the C13 connector but has a groove between the 2 pins, this is known as a hot condition connector. Rated for higher temperatures than the C13.

 C5 Cloverleaf Power Cables

c5-cloverleaf-power-cablesThe cloverleaf C5 power cable has a 3 pin connector, sometimes called a Mickey Mouse plug. The Cloverleaf connector is often found on laptop power supplies and more recently has appeared on LG televisions.

C7 Figure 8 Power Leads

c7-figure8-power-cablesThe C7 figure 8 power lead is a 2 pin power cable, when viewed end on it looks like a number 8. Often found on small electrical appliances like radios and CD players.

C13 to C14 Power Extension Cables

c13-to-c14-power-extension-cablesUsed to extend an IEC C13 power cable.

C13 to C15 Power Adapter Leads

c14-to15-power-cablesConverts an IEC C13 cold type power cable to an IEC C15 hot type power cable.

IEC C19 Power Cables

c19-power-leadsThe C19 power cable is used in higher current applications such as power PDUs in data centres, it is an industrial type connector, larger than the C13 and C15.

Schuko Euro Power Cables

euro-power-leadsOne of the most common plugs found on mainland Europe is the Schuko connector, used in France Germany and many other European countries.

US Power Cables

us-power-leadsUS Power cables have 2 rectangular prongs, rated for a lower voltage than European leads due the United States using 120V.